AccessCircles Events


AccessCircles is a by-invitation global network for women providing connectivity, knowledge and access to thought leaders, resources and experiences that transform our lives.

Our primary areas of focus, Health and Wellness and Life Planning, are of intense interest to significant women as they make the daily and eventful choices that shape their lives, the lives of their families and their future.

AccessCircles is a vibrant and expanding network of accomplished women who represent intellectual, social, financial and philanthropic success. Our prestigious and trusted members interact at small, private gatherings, retreats, memorable travel experiences and, through online connections.

AccessCircles Experiences encompass a spectrum of opportunities to connect, recharge, grow and have fun. Each experience is unique and focuses on our core mission of providing transformational knowledge through world-class leaders to inform and educate our community.   

Carolee Friedlander, former CEO and founder of Carolee Designs, is the visionary creator of AccessCircles. After the sale of Caroleeʼs business in 2001, she focused her passion and energy towards providing innovative resources and unique experiences to an influential group of women who could create change in their own lives and in their families, friends and communities. In 2007, marketing executive, Lynn Connelly joined Carolee, as a Founding Partner of AccessCircles with the goal and passion of creating a community that will enhance the lives of women around the world.